We are witnessing one of the greatest threats to the existence of the Christian church in the Middle East since its birth over 2,000 years ago. Christians are facing targeted persecution and leaving Syria and Iraq at an increasing rate.  

But in spite of the horror they are facing, many courageous Christians have chosen to stay. They want to be a light in the darkness in a desperate situation, now and in the future. They believe they have a vital role to play in rebuilding their shattered societies.  

We asked Christians from Syria and Iraq what would give them hope. They highlighted three things: equality, dignity and responsibility. It’s vital that their call reaches the ears of world leaders so that change can happen on the ground.  

This is only possible with support from around the world – with your support.  

One million voices can make this happen. Will you join with others around the world – including Christians in the Middle East – in calling for a hope and a future for Christians and others in that region? Make your voice count. Please sign the petition today!  

We are calling upon our government and the United Nations to ensure that Christians and other minorities enjoy:  

The right to equal citizenship Dignified living conditions A prominent role in reconciling and rebuilding society

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Join One Million Voices of Hope For The Middle East

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